An experience for the senses of flavors, aromas and cuisine.


A few kilometers from Saluzzo, at the foot of the Alps, is the fascinating Giardino delle Essenze. There is no iconographic evidence or certain documents, but it is believed that within the area surrounded by the walls of the castrum there were places designated as Gardens of the Simples, with the presence of pergolas for the cultivation of vines.


The rich Giardino delle Essenze offers special itineraries designed to fully enjoy nature: the path of perfumes, which enhances the senses with the fragrances, colors and textures of plants; the garden of flavors, with aromatic herbs and flowers to be used, depending on the season, in culinary preparations; the immunostimulant garden, where plants that can prevent and treat flu symptoms are collected; the experiential garden, where you can walk barefoot between an aromatic labyrinth and a plantar tactile path.

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