A space of contemplation and beauty.


Near the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Popolo, whose dome is the third largest in Piedmont, the Padri Somaschi have kept a vegetable garden for centuries. That garden lives on today: built on the model of the ancient hortus conclusus, it is a space for contemplation and visits dedicated to edible and ornamental flowers.


It is a precious garden, which stands on a portion of the green area of the historic center of the city. A relaxing walk that guides the visitor through dozens of different species.


The Anitco Orto dei Padri Somaschi is also part of the ANTEA – Interreg ALCOTRA 2014 – 2020 project (Innovative activities for the development of the cross-border supply chain of edible flowers) which unites other gardens at an international level such as that of Antibes and Villa Ormond in Sanremo.