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I Duchi delle Alpi aims to turn the historical places connected to the house Savoy into a well-structured network for cultural experiences and tourism. Inspired by the legacy of the thousand-year old house of Savoy, the project enhances and gives value to the alpine cross-border territories from a modern and appealing perspective.


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The specific project objectives aim at creating a shared promotion system.
To build a new itinerary based on discovering the historical monuments of the house Savoy focused on the visitor’s experience. Thanks to new technologies we are able to preserve this heritage by opening up spaces formerly closed off to public. Celebrate and share a thousand-year story through thematic exhibitions in Italy and France.


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Located at the Castle of Racconigi, Le Terre dei Savoia is an association that brings together more than 50 Piedmontese municipalities. It aims at giving value to the identity of the territory, its cultural and natural heritage, its tradition of excellence.



The Department of Savoy is a territorial community that pursues a strategy of
diversification and cohesion in the field of cultural tourism. It has been working to include cultural tourism among the strategic objectives of departmental policies.



The Castle of Manta, the operational headquarter of FAI since 1984, was created as a military stronghold and later became the residence of the Marquises of Saluzzo who kept the property for over four hundred years, during which the Castle underwent several rennovations and alterations.



The Foundation of Hautecombe’s mission is to protect and maintain buildings classified as historical monuments from 1875, to train young people from all over the world and to

welcome pilgrims and visitors. Since 1992 the Foundation has hosted an international
training center at the service of peace and unity in the world.

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