Ci occupiamo di Internazionalizzazione


Our strength is the territory, the playing field is Europe.
Thanks to steady partnerships with many European countries and direct and indirect EU funds, we helped realize many cultural, touristic, scientific, artistic and agri-food projects.

Ci occupiamo di Cultura e Turismo (1)

Culture and Tourism

Our aim is to build, the tool is cooperation.
Through a complex territorial network we are a catalyst for ideas, a platform to exchange and discuss with a common horizon: turn visions into concrete and sustainable realities.


Research and development

Our aim is to innovate, the strategy is to create synergies.
Together with Universities and national and international research centres, the legacy of our territory results in innovative scientific projects.



Associazione Le Terre dei Savoia 

Castello di Racconigi, Piazza Carlo Alberto 6 /A 12035 Racconigi (Cuneo), Italia

T: +39 0172 86472

M: info@leterredeisavoia.it



MÚSES Accademia Europea delle Essenze

Palazzo Taffini d’Acceglio Via Sant’Andrea, 53 12038 Savigliano

T: 0172 375025

M: info@musesaccademia.it

The association:


Umberto Pecchini:

Procuratore Legale, info@leterredeisavoia.it 

Elena Cerutti:

Direttore, elena.cerutti@leterredeisavoia.it

Francesco Cozzolino:

Progetti Europei,

francesco.cozzolino@leterredeisavoia.it progetti@leterredeisavoia.it

Paolo Goldoni:

Responsabile del servizio, info@leterredeisavoia.it

Silvia Rainero:

Amministrazione, finanza e controllo, silvia.rainero@leterredeisavoia.it

Eleonora Ruggiero:

Segreteria, bottegareale@leterredeisavoia.it

Enrica Vaschetti:

Collaboratrice tecnico-professionale, enrica.vaschetti@leterredeisavoia.it