Art, history, nature and technology in a unique place in the world.


The Giardino dei Sensi, housed in the courtyard of honor of Palazzo Taffini d’Acceglio in Savigliano, represents the most accomplished expression of MÚSES. The space is divided into geometric flower beds as per the late Renaissance model, with a variety of plants chosen to stimulate the five senses through the colors of the blooms, the flavor of the fruit, the smell of the essences and the texture of the foliage.


In the center, the fountain with scented water jets is dominated by the sculpture “The Painter’s Palette” by the German artist Franz Staehler; around the officinal herbs, flowers, ornamental plants and the sculptures “The tree of life” and “The mirror of Gaia” by Staehler refresh and perfume whoever crosses it.


MÚSES, the hub of many of the Association’s projects, is a museum-laboratory to explore and experience, a unique place where art, history and science meet.


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