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A network of cultural and landscape assets which share a strong connection with the territory. The main objective is to promote an integrated system between cultural heritage and the local economy; the network enhances landscapes and gardens that share a common history in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants and fruits and are symbol of the cultural identity of the territory.


Essenza del territorio MuseoSeta

The project fulfils two function: to turn landscapes and gardens into centres of cultural and tourist attractions and to showcase products and enterprises of the territory. The route begins from the Roman Garden of Bene Vagienna; reaches Cherasco with the Antico Orto dei Padri Somaschi and the Giardino dei Semplici; it continues with the Giardino delle Essenze of the Tapparelli d’Azeglio Castles, in Lagnasco; then Racconigi with the Silk Museum and the park of the Castle of Racconigi and concludes with Savigliano with the Giardino dei Sensi at MÚSES Accademia Europea delle Essenze in Palazzo Taffini.

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Located at the Castle of Racconigi, Le Terre dei Savoia is an association that brings together more than 50 Piedmontese municipalities. It aims at giving value to the identity of the territory, its cultural and natural heritage and tradition of excellence.



CXI is a non-profit cultural association; its mission is to contribute scientifically and boost the recovery and protection of the architectural, artistic and landscape heritage.

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