The laboratory


Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, laboratory is a place of exchange, open to local producers and dedicated to high-profile experimentation in the field of aromatic herbs in some key areas.


Essica Lab is at Palazzo Taffini d’Acceglio, entrance in Via Antica Contrada delle Beccherie, Savigliano 12038 (CN)

(T: +39 0172 86472 – M:

Cold drying tecnology

The cold drying technology is based on refrigeration systems that cool the air, dehydrate it and heat it up to temperatures of 35/40 ° C with humidity of 5/6%.
Thanks to the cold drying technology the quality of the final products is better since most of the enzymes, vitamins and mineral salts are preserved. The aroma, the color and the structure of the phytocomplex remain unchanged, with better organoleptic properties.


Microwave technology

The microwave extraction process implies the overheating of the plant cells, which release the essential oil. The extractor exploits a selective heating mechanism, it does not require solvents and is available in two configurations for fragrances and flavors.
In the “heating configuration” the heating of the internal water breaks the oil glands and vessels. This process frees the essential oil as a traditional alembic does however in a more quick and effective way.
In the “flavor” it combines the microwave heating power with earth gravity. This technology allows to extract natural flavoring substances and non-volatile compounds such as pigments, flavonoids and carotenoids.


Ultrasounds technology

Ultrasounds are sound waves (20 KHz – 60 KHz) produced by turning electrical energy into mechanical vibrations. These vibrations create micro-air bubbles inside the extraction chamber (where the raw material is immersed in the solvent) that lead to a shock wave called cavitation. Thus the cellular structures disintegrate and release the active ingredients in the solvent. It is an innovative, clean and easy extraction technique, that produces high quality extracts.
The technology can be applied to various sectors such as the food industry, liquor industry, the herbal sector, the cosmetic industry, classic pharmaceuticals, homeopathic pharmaceuticals, veterinary pharmaceuticals, biochemistry and green chemistry, agriculture.


2Hp, 2800 Gm. Sieves: 1mm, 2mm, 4mm and raw material


Wrapping machine

700 watts. Vacuum pump: 16 m3/h. Sealing bar: 40cm. Chamber dimensions: 422x503x220mm

confezionatrice e campana (1)


2 speeds / Power 900 W / 400 V / Speed 375 and 750 rpm

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